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You have found a Sea The Crown Self Care Seashell! We truly hope it has positively impacted your day! View our mission for the Self care Seashells below and how you can join us in spreading love, positivity and self care. 


  1. Take a photo of your choice with your seashell and post on social media

  2. Tag @SeaTheCrown

  3. In your caption give a hint where you found it and where you replanted it. 

  4. Include Hashtag #STCSelfcareSeashells AND the hashtag on your seashell so we are able to see it's journey. 

  5. Re-plant (give the seashell a new location) the seashell. You can replant wherever you choose just as long as it's safe and accessible. 

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Sea Moss Infused African Shea Butter with a luxurious buttery texture, now available in the enchanting scent of Island. Immerse yourself in the tropical paradise with the captivating aroma of an assortment of Jamaican fruits. Our unique formula combines the nourishing properties of sea moss and African shea butter for a truly indulgent skincare experience.

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